Join us at www.getmeexperts.com

Join us at www.getmeexperts.com

Ashtopus Consulting launch its State of The Art Global Marketplace for Industry Experts/Consultants. “Get Me Experts

We have created a very strong platform for Experts to showcase their skills and Clients to find out suitable experts to seek help in achieving their Business Goals.

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Get Me Experts: Technology Driven Platform to bring Global Expertise under One Roof: 

As the waves of change envelop the Global Expertise Market, consulting methods and techniques continue to advance. It is important to have new methodologies to enhance the search for Experts and their Expertise. Companies struggle to find out the best skilled professionals for a specific project or mission as the search process is complicated. Though finding experts through various platforms including the social media is common, filtering experts among experts is still challenging. There is lack of a common platform, where the experts have enough opportunity to showcase themselves and the clients have the opportunity to search as per their needs. With over two decades of experience and in-depth knowledge in corporate HR, Ajay Sharma, CEO of Ashtopus Consulting, is driving his company in overcoming these challenges through their key solution-“Get Me Experts” (GME).

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HR for HR is a consultancy & training offering to corporate sector to help improve competence of the HR professionals.

After the Dave Ulrich model was implemented by many corporates, most of the tactical HR work has been given to HR Shared services, however the HR Business partners have not been given enough competence development opportunities to sharpen their skills.

Ashtopus "HR for HR" offers a detailed case study based approach to train the HR professionals develop skills to understand the business issues and how to align HR strategies to foster the business goals.

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