Human resources has moved beyond hiring it supportive role for organizations. . They filled out paperwork, administered payroll and benefits, and maybe even played a part in the effective hiring process. While HR divisions still do these things, numerous organizations are starting to understand this position can possibly be substantially more dynamic — and useful — to business

The role of HR needs to change and evolve to really support the talent strategy in an organization and accelerate business results.” – Finally, HR has the responsibility to “design” the workforce and culture that best suits the startup company
HR support for create a great working environment and a great team, instead of focusing on the what-ifs? HR person are responsible for Design/implement strategies that will help build brand awareness in challenging of Corporate Goals.

HR mange employee relationship in large corporations have lots of what-ifs. They have probably 30 or 40 policies and procedures, employee handbooks, all sorts of processes and protocols, none of which actually create any value for the organization. They’re really just risk mitigation. I would encourage startup founders to focus on HR as being a force for good instead. How can you improve happiness? How you can improve teamwork? How can you improve the wellbeing of people at work? There’s a lot to be done there, and if you do that well, then you don’t have so many what-ifs to deal with.

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