The function HR operations solutions popularized the modernized HR model adding more value and drive effectively.

Ashtopus Consulting delivers HR operations, which strategically integrates and executes HR operational excellence imperatives solutions for sustainable growth. On the other hand, the HR sub function entity which simply executes transactional HR activities.

HR operations Advantage

The HR operations model, to drive sustained competitive advantage in company/firm:
• Employee Engagement/Talent Mgmt
• Increased profitability
• Improved Productivity
• Improved Internal Structure

Since the company is made with the human resources/employees, it becomes necessary to balance the expectations of employees and management of company. To ensure the right emoluments, medical insurances, leave policies,deal with internal issues etc. is itself a complete function and of equal importance which needs to be handle by specialized HR team. Many organizations need effective HR model because HR operations duties and imperatives are closely linked to human resources processes, goals and initiatives. HR operations also includes administrative services, recruitment , job analysis and talent management which is an important process as hiring the right employees at right time for the right positions decides the productivity of the company.

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