How to Remain Employable – Ashtopus Self Calibration tool

Hi guys,

Do you feel the following at your work place ?

• I am not given adequate attention,
• My colleagues get better rewards than me
• My manager is partial, he find more mistakes in my work
• My colleagues are given more importance
• My salary is getting stagnant
• I don’t feel like going to workplace

Things don’t get better automatically; we need to put efforts to make them better.

We can always improve our position in our organization if we find the answer to following questions

o Am I contributing
o As per OR Above my role expectation
o As per OR Above my GRADE /LEVEL in the company
o As per OR Above my SALARY in the company
o Do I know what competencies are required in the company/Industry in next few years
o Am I taking adequate step to enhance my competencies required for future needs of Organization/Industry
o What is my distinctiveness, my unique quality which differentiate myself from my colleagues?
o Why should I continue to be employed if company has an option between myself and others?
o Can a person who gets lower salary than me perform my job?
o Should I wait for company to evaluate my contribution Vs my salary/position or should I do my evaluation at my level so that I take a call rather than company about my future?

These are basic but very important. Its all about our ability to remain one notch above the rest and help us remain employable and get better jobs.

Always remember EMPLOYMENT is given by organizations but EMPLOYABILITY is our responsibility.