Are you worried about the HR challenges while setting up your business?
It is a matter of worry because there are a lot of things which need to be focus at start-up. Some of them are:

  • What would be the corporate culture?
  • How to deal with the staffing issues?
  • What would be the roles and responsibilities?
  • How to design the compensation structures?
  • How to deal with the communication issues?
  • How would it be, if somebody take up these challenges for your business and helps you at start-up which would be considered as the most crucial phase?

    Yes it is possible if you opt for Ashtopus consulting.

    First most HR challenge which a start-up need to deal with:

  • To set up the efficient Recruitment Process
  • To design the Compensation Stuctures
  • To design the initial Job descriptions, including Roles and responsibilities
  • To set the regular internal communication
  • It is a challenge, Find out why?

  • Firstly, kind of recruitment process decides how much efficient team you will have. Secondly time spent in recruitment should be lower. Which kind of recruitment process should be followed so that it could become a onetime investment? Is a big challenge for which expert recruitment team is required?
  • Designing the right compensation structure is also a major challenge since it needs to ensure the benefits to the employees while ensuring the profits and losses of the company as well as to increase the employee satisfaction.
  • To find the right candidate it is necessary to design the correct job description by considering the actual requirement of the projects/work which the company have in their hand. Secondly defining the roles and responsibilities is also been a very important part of this phase.
  • Since we all know communication is very important to deal with the challenges efficiently. For regularity in internal communication, appropriate system needs to be designed.
  • All these challenges will not be your headache any more if Ashtopus Consulting is with you.