The basic challenges for a HR at a start up is very common since never be ignore; because almost one-half of startups companies fail in the beginning due to various poor business strategy , and not having a proper HR strategy ; Human resources management play important in your sustainable growth.

Most startups bring an open culture, completely relies on the dream of the Founder from claiming that startup business challenges. Concerning illustration they necessity a solid commitment starting with their cooperation thereabouts they utilize will provide for them best could reasonably be expected flexibility, so the less group might provide for their best.

More importantly HR have to set up a culture in a startup because there is no culture yet, HR may face a lot of challenges because it’s not possible to keep each & everybody happy, HR gets criticized for any mismanagement (if happens)

The most common challenge for a HR in any startup is to maintain a balance between the expectations of the team from management & expectations of management from the team. He / She has to be a bridge between these two. It totally depends on the person to person how to handle the situation so that the company grows with the Happy Team.

The HR role for the any corporate organization is very important that performs 3 tasks such as.

1) is compliance: It keeps your hiring, firing, pushing techniques legitimate.
2) is recruitment – it serves you find new hires What’s more start them through the transform.
3) is organizational and professional development – it gives preparing and expert development to kin thereabouts you stay with the individuals you have any desire Similarly as they Advance in their vocations and gives knowledge with management with manufacture those association thereabouts you have spots to the individuals to individuals.

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