Are you a start-up company? Yes
Having few numbers of employees? Yes
Do not need HR services to manage them? Yes
Do you think HR Department are for only larger companies? Yes

Please have a look at the answers again. Because being a start-up having few (say 10) employees you need HR Services to handle the HR challenges which can ensure the success/ failure of your venture.

Without having dedicated HR department you still can handle HR challenges by availing the HR Services of Ashtopus Consulting. HR challenges such as management of human resources of your company, setting the direction of the company to achieve the goal, assessment of profits/losses, business strategies and many more challenges are a part of these services. Establishment of company culture is also required such as rewards based on performance for motivation and value the good performance.

in case you want specific expert for specific area in HR, you can approach a specialised Expert aggregation portal called “Get Me Experts”

How to manage the risks will be accounted by the HR assessment. Compliance/Legal issues i.e. HR Audit where the company has not done the evaluation will also be the part of it.

Basically you can consider the HR Services as the backbone of the company. To improve the organization’s productivity and to achieve the business goals, business-focussed assessment is required to lead the positive changes in strategies.

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