ExploreGate’s technology provides solutions to organizations can leverage its content to educate its employees and engage its customers by building brand awareness. We offers cloud based technology solutions for complete ecosystem and creative business concept aimed at cutting training and content cost for businesses.

In addition, an interactive training platform build user interface that allows the user to ask questions and receive answers in real time it enhance user experience and facilitates.
ExploreGate’s developed an informative content platform online support organization/company in real time, this interactive and informative content is designed on following structure ways:

a) Customer services application
b) Marketing Management tool
c) Training platforms

With ExploreGate’s solutions developed brand awareness through informative structured content for marketing and corporate purpose that engage more customers and build brand awareness through smart brand stories.

ExploreGate’s presents something completely new and different, to increase the possibilities for engaging employees/customers. A creative leadership and innovative platform is a success parameter for any company. It brings new opportunities to the businesses and generates analysis reports to resolve business growing issues as well as it supports company through external ways that address important areas and fulfill customer needs.

Ashtopus recently became a new business partner with ExploreGate. To create a new definition of successful venture for educating the employees by the interactive knowledge/idea is the aim of this collaboration.

Ashtopus Consulting with ExploreGate create a new model to deliver a fully developed strategy to form informative content in a structured manner for online business.