Job: Backend Software Developer || Bangalore and Mumbai

Backend Software Developer || Bangalore and Mumbai
Categories India
Start Date 2015-09-08
End Date 2015-10-10
Location Bangalore & Mumbai
Job Information

Job Information
Kindly share your resume with following details:
Expected CTC:
Notice period:
Reason for job change:
Experience as Back-End Software Developer (Rate out of 10 scales):
Years of experience in Back-End Software Developer:
Average line of code per Month:
Are you willing to Travel to onsite:
Do you have Passport:

Major Responsibility/ Job Responsibility
• Understanding the requirement and design/develop sustainable and agile application architecture.
• Provide API to various platforms to build apps.
• Optimise query and implement caching at various levels to improve the application performance.
• Collaborate and work with the team and communicate with the rest of the organisation as well.
• BE/BS/BTech in Computer Science or related field or equivalent practical experience.
• A solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, software design and database systems.
• Should have experience in backend MVC frameworks like Rails, Django or Node.js
• Should have experience in C/C++ or Java and one scripting language like Python, Ruby or Perl. – Should be comfortable with the Linux operating system and bash scripting.

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