Job: Biz Talk Developer || Delhi/NCR || Immediate Joiner

Biz Talk Developer || Delhi/NCR || Immediate Joiner
Categories India
Start Date 2015-07-28
End Date 2015-08-28
Location Delhi/NCR
Job Information

Job Information
Kindly share your resume with following details :

Expected CTC :
Notice period:
Reason for job change :
Experience in Biz Talk Development(Rate out of 10 scale):
Years of experience as Biz Talk Developer :
Average line of code per Month :
Are you willing to Travel to onsite:
Do you have Passport :

Key Result Areas:

1. Biztalk Integration between SAP and external systems
2. Good understanding integration design, development and deployment
3. Strong OOPS concept
4. Strong .Net experience
5. WCF
Necessary Qualification/ Technical Skills:
6. Pipelines, Orchestrations, Functions and Maps
7. Adapters (incl. SAP)
8. Strong testing and documentation skills
9. WCF
10. At least two projects that focused on SAP integrations (both IDOC and RFC)
11. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
12. Ability to work both independently and in a team environment under tight deadlines
13. MVC
Special Skills (If Any):

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