Job: Senior DevOps Engineer

Senior DevOps Engineer
Categories India
Location Bangalore
Job Information

Position / Role: Senior DevOps Engineer.

 B.Tech/M.Tech
 Professional certifications are a plus.

Location: Bangalore

Reporting Manager: Chief Technical Officer

 Manages whole infrastructure (Web, mobile web, webservices for apps)
 Work with Dev engineers to identify issues and figuring out remedies
 Handling internet related issues on day to day basis and coordinating with upstream providers
 Network security
 Configure automated backups and maintain a proper disaster recovery method
 Perform vulnerability assessments periodically on the internet facing servers, identify loopholes and suggest methods to improve security
 Managing servers remotely (RHEL, CentOS etc.)
 Windows server management
 Build/Deploy servers based on standard build process
 Administration of OpenNMS monitoring system
 Scripting and automating tasks
 Troubleshoot hardware/software related issues
 Managing switches, routers
 VOIP solutions

 Knowledge in handling office IT operations, configuring LAN/WAN networks and experience in handling firewalls/Routers/Wifi devices, VoIP etc
 Extensive experience in cloud deployments, Linux administration
 Knowledge of AWS environment (EC2, RDS, S3, EBS, ELB, Route 53, VPC, IAM etc)
 Extensive knowledge in apache, tomcat, MySQL, MSSQL
 Knowledge of CRM tools, wordpress, redis
 Experience in managing IIS, .Net, C# Applications
 Hands on Google Apps experience
 Backup techniques (LVM snapshots etc.), Replication
 Understanding of HTTP, SMTP and SMTP programs like Sendmail (or postfix etc.)
 Understanding of iptables rules, NAT
 Worked with Load Balancer (physical, software)
 Code repository tool like SVN etc. Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Hudson, Bug reporting tools like BugZilla
 Must understand internals of AWS (Amazon Web Services)
 Good understanding of VPN, DNS, CDN
 Usage of Nagios (monitoring tools)
 Exposure to NoSQL is a plus
 The applicant must be able to work effectively with internal and external vendors, and with cross-organizational teams.
 Must have proven ability to maintain focus on tasks and deliver within schedule.
 This position requires demonstrable analytical and problem solving skills and good verbal and written communication skills
 Ability to work independently in a fast-paced start-up environment

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