Job: System Integration || Delhi/NCR || 1-10 Years

System Integration || Delhi/NCR || 1-10 Years
Start Date 2015-07-28
End Date 2015-08-28
Location Delhi/NCR
Job Information

Job Information
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Job Description

Major Responsibility/ Job Responsibility:

• Knowledge of Linux OS distribution (Specially Redhat/CentOS etc.)
• Usage and Detailed knowledge of Linux basic and advanced set of commands.
• Hands-on of different Linux Performance tools interms of CPU, memory, network, storage etc– iostat, vmstat, netstat, top, sar, memory, CPU, etc.
• Analysis of Linux system logs
• Web Server (For example – Apache, Tomcat, Jboss, etc), DB server (MySQL, Oracle, etc.), Load balancer installation/configuration/Deploy
• Understanding of the above servers and also tuning of server configuration.
• Shell scripting (bash and perl)
• Chef, Ruby (preferable)
• AWS management, Cloud Formation (preferable)
• Strong analytical skills

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