Job: Technical Project Manager | | Chandigarh Location

Technical Project Manager | | Chandigarh Location
Categories India
Start Date 2015-10-17
End Date 2015-11-18
Location Chandigarh
Job Information

Job Information
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Technical Expertise:

• Understanding and implementing of project management practices
• Managing and delivery of projects from conceptualization, visualization to technology mapping and final execution of projects
• Managing Project scope and change requests (CR)
• Interact with the client to create technology specifications from business requirements for modules within the project.
• Guiding the team in defining technical architecture of their projects, including working with them to finalize the DB schema.
• Formulates strategies and methods in coordination with the Architect to gather functional requirements and capture them in standard notations like use cases.
• Planning and allocating work to the team.
• Monitoring development activities and reporting project progress
• Managing, mentoring and providing technical guidance/support to project teams
• Liaison with project team and delivering projects as per scheduled milestones (risk/quality/time)
• Review/Improve upon current processes/methodologies.
• Improve the technical competence of the team through training & development of existing and new team members.

Solution Development and Delivery

• Provides technical direction for the development, design, and systems integration for client engagement from definition phase through implementation.
• Applies significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to improve service to our clients.
• Reviews work of development team.
• Easily recognises system deficiencies, and implement effective solutions.
• Collaborate with the appropriate departments to assess and recommend technologies that support company organizational needs.
• Communicate the company’s technology strategy to management, staff, Clients, and stakeholders.
• Participate as a member of the senior management team in establishing governance processes of direction and control to ensure that objectives are achieved, risks are managed appropriately and the organization’s resources are used responsibly, particularly in the areas of software development, office networks and computers, and telecommunications.

Technical Effort Management

• Owns the development lifecycle and is responsible for managing technical risks throughout the project.
• Communicates and enforces coding standards
• Ensures technical teams are contributing to our code library.
• Manages technical resources within budget and project schedule.


• Holds regular status meetings with development team.
• Delivers engaging, informative, well organised presentations.
• Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion.
• Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully.

Client Management

• Manages client interaction and expectations regarding development efforts.
• Develops lasting relationships with client personnel that foster client ties.
• Communicates effectively with clients to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions.
• Continually seeks opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen client relationships.
• Builds a knowledge base of each client’s business, systems and objectives.


Skill & Expertise
• A minimum of 8-10 years of total work experience including 5+ years of relevant software development experience in reputed IT organizations and at least 3+ years of experience in team management and client handling.
• Proficient in Objective-C, C, C++, i-phone OS and MAC OS
• Sound knowledge of Cocoa, X code, Interface Builder, iPhone simulator, SQLite.
• Should have experience with SDK 3.0+ using standard and intermediate API’s (location,compass, video, camera, etc…)
• Proven experience in Integration of iPhone/iPod touch application with web services
• Aware of iPhone deployment services leveraging Enterprise Management
• Should have working knowledge in Object Oriented Techniques & MVC architecture
• Good Communication Skills & Time Management
• Good at visualization & making clean layouts
• Should be able to handle stressful situations and deadline pressures well
• Ability to understand how to think around obstacles and execute deliverables on time
• Desire to change the existing paradigms, think out of the box and sharp analytical mind
• Must have high initiative, leadership qualities, good Interpersonal skills and problem solving abilities.


• This person must embrace the challenge of understanding and analyzing a complex business environment, and display the ability, willingness, and courage to tackle difficult and multiple assignments with a passion for delivering results. The successful candidate will be an integral part of the succession plan for the organization, and therefore must be committed and confident in his/her ability to become a trusted, respected member of a strong team that fosters esprit de corps within its corporate environment.

• This individual will successfully motivate his/her team. Highly committed to the company’s mission, this individual is organized, persistent, and profit-focused; possesses proper relationship instincts; and is able to manage the development of complete, balanced programs.

• Energy, creativity, focus, intellectual curiosity, strong work ethic and diplomacy skills are dominant characteristics which enable him/her to function effectively within a team-driven, interactive environment. This person will possess the highest levels of emotional and intellectual integrity.

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