“Ashtopus offers consultant managed and online psychometric testing and assessment services for a range of business critical appointments across all sectors in the corporate world.”

Pre Recruitment Psychometric Test for Personality and behavior assessments provide a measure of how individuals work with people, approach their tasks, communicate, approach change, and deal with stress.

When an organization uses Psychometric test to match an individual’s skills to the job requirements, the person will learn quicker, be more satisfied and successful, and stay in the job longer. Every candidate’s performance is based on their behavior and behavior is the way the person act; react i.e. like, dislike, comfort, discomfort etc.

Process  of Psychometric Testing

Psychometric or Psychological tests identify person are as follows

– Check cognitive functioning: Intelligence, Aptitude, & Achievement
– Check Personality: Objective, Projective
– and Neuropsychological

In Psychometric test there is no “pass-or-fail” It’s only for right talent in the right place at the right time .There is a job for everyone, HR’s task to find the right candidate to fit in the role/ job. Psychometric Test are based on the assumption “Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior”

Why need Psychometric testing in recruitment?

People are different; some are intelligent, whilst others are slow-witted. Some are warm hearted, whilst others are cold-blooded. Some are motivated by money, whilst others are spurred by thoughts. The undertaking is to quantify people attributes somehow so that these qualities can be coordinated to the work’s prerequisites.

Psychometric test make recruitment process more better overall evaluation of a candidate and hopefully secure the best fit for the role. Psychometric testing method could help to gauge the future performance of a candidate and hopefully improve employee retention by making successful hiring decisions.

Advantage of Psychometric Testing

Some advantages of these tests include the following:

  • The tests are fairly cost beneficial and could save the company money in the long run
  • It prevents the hiring of a candidate with only “good interview skills”
  • Deeper knowledge of the individual
  • Confirmation of gut feelings you may have had from face-to-face interactions
  • Ability to benchmark candidates against each Career Counseling
  • Executive Coaching
  • Development future leaders
  • Recruiting incumbents without biasness with accuracy about his performance and behavior
  • Team Building