Today almost all the companies do the hiring which is a difficult job in itself. To make these things easier and efficient, psychometric testing is most important. Psychometric Testing services for pre-employment screening process of candidate makes hiring easy and helps in selecting right people.

Psychometric Test is designed in such a way that it helps to identify the thought process of the candidate and the orientation of his/her mind.
Psychometric testing is a series of carefully structured questions that the candidates need to answer, which are then evaluated. This test uncovers the actual nature of the candidate and helps identifying the behaviour.

The Society of Human Resource Management Company mostly uses the method of psychometric tests for hiring candidates in their company.

Features of Psychometric Tests offerred by Ashtopus Consulting

Psychometric tests or Pre-employment screening program are an important part of the recruitment process which makes the requirement process highly objective, giving you confidence that you have found the best employees for the position.

• This tool easily recognizes candidates’ mental aptitude and cognitive abilities;
• This test checks candidate’s behavioral style and associated characteristics.
• It helps to identify candidates’ learning ability and ability to think on abstract and conceptual levels
• Psychometric tests are made to check candidates’ performance on a wide variety of tasks
• Assessment whether candidates have the right personality suitable for the position;
• The process for Pre-employment tests are made to assess candidate’s aptitude; and future performance.

Why to use psychometric testing in recruitment?

Psychometric Testing not only ensures good hiring decisions but measures many things like interests, personality and aptitude of person.

Interest tests measures how people acts on different situations.
Personality tests measure how people behave differently as per their style or manner of doing things, and how he/she interacts with other people.
Aptitude tests measures ability to carry out different tasks.

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