Do these statements resonate with your feelings? Do they tell the your story also? Are you struggling to hire good people?

“Finding startup employees are a rarity and they have to be willing to work long hours and get paid less than market rates.”

“In small companies resources are scarce, and the process usually involves removing someone from their core competency in order to focus on getting people in the door”

“When money is tight and equity feels like a chip we are reluctant to barter with, it’s hard to trust high potential at low cost.”

“I need to strike a great balance between hiring someone for position-need versus hiring someone that’s great regardless of position.”

“Our biggest challenge is to find a person that has or can develop the same line of thinking than the rest of the team”

These are statements form some Start Up founders and it may be true for you also. Start up recruitment is different than normal recruitment. There are challenges for any start up company.

• To look for someone who aligns with your thinking.
• You may like to hire your clones, who can think, act, and work like you.
• You don’t have brand but you are yourself is brand to sell to potential candidates, but does the candidate buy that
• Your resources are scarce to do selection process, who will do interview of the specialists you want to hire
• You can’t give the same level of money/facilities/ambience which an establish company can give
• You may need a multi-skilled, multi-tasking & self-motivated people.

If above is true, Ashtopus Consulting can help you design strategy to recruit good talent. Time may be a factor but without strategy, it will be difficult. Employer branding becomes a major tool for you to attract good candidates.