How come some businesses are hugely successful and some are not? We all have heard about discuss some stories of startups failure

Should You Start Your Own Business? Then never be avoiding HR challenges it is a magic to play important role in achieving miraculous result in a very short time.
Now a day of IT boom has brought with it, its own set of challenges to organizations. How to put in place systems and process that are in tune with the IT revolution, how to strategies and compete in the IT era? etc. But a major challenge that the IT industry per se has been facing is in the field of Human Resource Management.

Top 3 HR challenges that can kill your Startups

-Attracting and retaining talented people
-Improving organisational capabilities
-Developing leadership skills

This challenge would be affect industry growth and performance .

Many organisations unable to manage these HR challenge and in highly competitive market. The function of professional HR in IT industry it will be the key to success through optimum utilization of IT skills.

Ashtopus Consulting offer quality service to individuals and organisations will determine the success of your business. This leads us to the fact that the creativity, innovativeness, knowledge developed leadership quality of your employees are your important assets. We are expert in HR services and manage these assets is the challenge that the IT industry is facing human resources challenges whose intellectual applications drive your business.
The major HR challenges that the IT industry faces are in Recruitment, Performance Management, Training & Development, Compensation Management and HRM as whole.

The Recruitment process is very important in HR especially in the industry. But major thing is important that hiring talent and perfect employs that fit for their job and the organisation is one of the major challenges.

Basically startup company wants to become successful entrepreneurs‎ in competitive market.

-Developing new markets
-Improving profitability
-Market share growth
-Becoming the recognized global market leader
-Building shareholder value

A professional HR manager developed innovative business strategy for sustaining sustainable for advantage to stick into the market.