For a startup, too many things can go wrong, and while there are many references you can read about startups issues, they don’t really give you the actual steps you need to create a solid startup.

You ask some very in-depth questions that are specific to each business. Because each industry has it’s own business model.

We have HR Solution for your Startup business challenges, make all things are normal and become successful entrepreneurs.

So you want to be an entrepreneur. Firstly, you shouldn’t be wasting your time in thing dreaming , learn startup business HR challenges and planning to how you are going to do. And why you are going to make it work.
Start from Zero as it’s a Damm good figure to start from. And be ready to Kick Start with Startup.

If you want to get on the road to success there is so much more to learn but if you can have these 4 things to begin with you are well on your way.

1. A belief in your ability to do it… no matter what
2. A propensity for action.
3. An ability to stay focused and committed even, when the going gets tough.
4. Reslience – the ability to recover when you get knocked down, and you will get knocked down plenty of times.

It has all the steps to prepare, to build, to grow, and to get funding. It uses a lot of the knowledge from the lean startup methodology from Ashtopus Consulting. It converts knowledge into actual tasks and actions.

If you have any questions, let me know.